James P. Boyd, DDS



Every day, for 12 consecutive years, Dr. Boyd woke with a headache.  Like the millions of others like him, he learned to cope with it, assuming it was somehow normal.  Over the years, occasional migraines developed, and then a loud clicking jaw.  While a college undergrad, he was treated (unsuccessfully) in the TMD clinic at the USC School of Dentistry.  Several years later, while attending USC Dental School, he served as Senior Resident in their TMD clinic, hoping to gain insight into this own condition, but his condition continued uninterrupted. 

Finally, after several years of private practice observing the same pattern of ineffective treatment of his TMD patients, Dr. Boyd began experimenting with the basic diagnostic principles of occlusal therapy and expanding them into therapeutic protocols.  His conclusion was that the primary cause of his condition was not due to his occlusion, but to his occluding, namely the frequency, duration, and most importantly, intensity.  

Eventually, Dr. Boyd developed the NTI (nocioceptive trigeminal inhibition) therapeutic protocol.  In 2001, after extensive clinical trials, the FDA cleared the NTI for “the prevention of medically diagnosed migraine pain”. 

Dr. Boyd has since dedicated his career to enhancing the relationship between Neurology and Dentistry, via the third division of the trigeminal nerve.  He is currently associated with The Headache Center, a neurology specialty clinic in San Diego, practicing with neurologist Andrew Blumenfeld, MD, where they have published and presented at several international scientific meetings.   

Their most recent clinical trial, presented at the 2018 International Migraine Trust in London, England, showed that the NTI Therapeutic Protocol was twice as effective as Botox or Topamax, the two leading medications in the prevention of migraine.

David Lustbader, DDS


Gino DeSimone, ClearChoice


Gino DeSimone is the Executive Vice President of Professional Development for ClearChoice Management Services, LLC (“CCMS”).   DeSimone is responsible for leading the company’s efforts in identifying new doctor partners, building a referral gateway within the network for general dentists, and communication and education for the dental community in order to extend the ClearChoice Platform of Hope.

DeSimone has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of sales, marketing and education as well as strategic planning and start-up ventures. Prior to joining CCMS, DeSimone served as the commercial leader for two start-up ventures at RODO Medical and Lending Club Patient Solutions. Before that, he was the North American head of sales and professional development for the StraumannGroup, a global leader in dental implantology. 

In addition, DeSimone has also served in senior management roles in sales and marketing on a global level at prominent companies within the Medical Device/Dental industry, including 3M ESPE/Unitek, Phillips/Discus Dental and as a section leader for the International Team for Implantology (“ITI”).

DeSimone is actively involved as a volunteer, advisor and board member for an array of organizations including The ALS Foundation, American Cancer Society, National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias, The Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, Supply Clinic Advisory Board and Launchpad Medical.

DeSimone holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Bentley University,  MBA studies from the University of Phoenix as well as executive education at the Harvard Business School.

Michael Varallo, DMD
Founder, Nantucket Dental Society & Ho-Ho-Kus Dental Associates

Dr. Michael Varallo, DMD

Dr. Michael Varallo is the founder of Nantucket Dental Society and Ho-Ho-Kus Dental Associates.

His management approach at Ho-Ho-Kus Dental focuses on patient's perspective and care. He states, “The time is long overdue for medical practices to act like a business and serve its customers.” Since implementing his patient-focus business plan in 2000, Dr. Varallo's business practice has more than doubled its gross revenues.

Dr. Varallo is both fundamental and innovative in his practice and is one of the first non prosthodontists in the United States trained to restore implants.

As founder of Nantucket Dental Society, Dr. Varallo is a strong proponent of continuing education and is dedicated to the realization that we are in the “Golden age of Dentistry.” His workshops focus on the simple but proven procedures which benefit the everyday dental practice. 

Dr. Varallo has been named as one of NJ's Top Dentists by NJ Monthly Magazine in 2009 and 2014. He is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University.